Bike Parking & Security

The best security against bike theft on campus is parking your bike in a secure bike shed and using a D-lock.

Students using the secure bike shed

Bike sheds

Bike sheds are located at North Terrace, Waite, AHMS and Rundle Mall Plaza. CCTV-monitored undercover bike racks are also available at North Terrace and Waite. 

To gain access to the bike sheds, complete the application form and access will be added to your university ID card. Bike shed Conditions Of Use have been put in place to ensure sheds are used safely and efficiently, and there is a 30-day limit on parking.

Bike locks

Bicycle locked up using a D lock

D-locks (pictured right) are made in a variety of sizes and usually come with accessories to attach the lock to your frame. You can't cut through them with a bolt cutter, which means a bike is more difficult to steal.

The majority of bikes stolen from the North Terrace Campus have been ‘secured’ with cable locks or chains against a fence, tree or sign post. These locks are easy to cut with minimal effort.

SAPOL bike engraving

Keep an eye out in Staff and Student News for information about the next bike engraving event. 

SA Police (SAPOL) will mark your bike with details of your drivers license or student/staff ID, add a SAPOL sticker and take a copy of the bikes serial number in a ‘bike passport’ to aid in identification and recovery in the event of theft. If you want to sell your bike in the future, inform SAPOL of the new owner and they will update the passport information. 

Cycling facilities

The cycling facilities map provides the location of secure bike cages, bike racks, showers and water refill stations on the North Terrace campus.

Shower and change rooms are open on weekdays between 8:00am and 6:00pm in the following buildings:

  • Lady Symon basement (female)
  • George Murray basement (male)
  • Madley basement (male/female) - not accessible during Scott Theatre performances
  • Hub Central ground floor (male/female)
  • Ingkarni Wardli ground floor and levels 2-5 (male/female/wheel-chair accessible)
  • The Fitness Hub (male/female) - accessible with gym membership from 6:30am until 10.00pm

What you can do

Reduce the likelihood of your bike getting stolen.

  • Park your bike in a secure bike shed whenever possible.
  • Use a D-lock.
  • Do not leave your bike out overnight on campus.
  • Take care when using the secure bike sheds. Even though they are only accessible by swipe card, bike thieves may sneak in behind another person to gain access.
  • Promptly report theft, damage, bike shed door malfunction or suspicious behavior around bike racks to University Security on 8313 5990.
  • Photograph your bike and serial number to aid in identification and recovery in the event of theft.