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The University of Adelaide and global organisation Deloitte have joined forces to deliver a world-class undergraduate student experience.

The Academy by Deloitte (The Academy) will combine the University of Adelaide’s future-ready education expertise and position as a world top-100 university, with Deloitte’s standing as a globally-influential, multi-industry market leader.

With the support of both organisations, you’ll emerge ready to kick-start the career of your dreams.

A uniquely tailored experience

  • Work-integrated learning with industry experience

    The Academy has been designed in partnership with Deloitte to integrate academic learning with practical application and experience in the workplace.

  • Job-ready, in-demand skills

    You’ll develop the skills you need to immediately perform at a high, professional level and put yourself in a prime position to secure employment.

  • Paid internships across multiple industries

    Through The Academy’s paid internship program, you’ll work directly with professionals inside Deloitte on a range of real client problems.

  • Completed alongside your existing undergraduate degree

    You’ll experience tailored, professionally-aligned electives, immersive development activities, internships, advanced learning through the Professional Certificate tailored courses, and networking events—each complementing and adding to your university learning.

  • Going far beyond finance

    The Academy is not just for finance and business students. There are also exciting opportunities for future health, science, engineering and technology experts—and all kinds of creative thinkers.

An experience like no other

    The Academy experience

    Deloitte is so much more than a professional services firm. With career pathways thriving across all kinds of sectors—from media and tech consulting to entrepreneurial life sciences and defence this global professional organisation offers a world of opportunities.

    In addition to your undergraduate degree, you will complete:

    • tailored undergraduate electives co-delivered by the University and Deloitte
    • a paid internship with Deloitte
    • immersive work experience opportunities and projects
    • a Professional Certificate in Advisory Services made up of two tailored courses.

    You’ll prepare for dynamic workplaces of the future by:

    • developing self-leadership capabilities
    • building creative thinking skills
    • advancing your understanding of current and emerging technologies
    • gaining in-depth insights into business acumen and advisory principles.

    You’ll graduate with:

    • a world-class education
    • a recognised undergraduate qualification
    • established relationships with your Academy cohort and the Deloitte network
    • an additional postgraduate Professional Certificate in Advisory Services that counts toward future postgraduate study at the University of Adelaide including the Emerging Leaders MBA program.



    The Academy is open to arts, business, law, economics, health, sciences, engineering, and technology undergraduates—with relevant professional activities built into the experience for all students.

    To participate in The Academy, you must be enrolled in one of the eligible undergraduate degrees listed below and scheduled to complete your studies in 2026 or later.


    The application process will consider work, leadership, and team experience alongside academic results. Applicants must submit their resumes, complete an interactive assessment, and attend an interview.

    If you are a current University of Adelaide undergraduate student enrolled in an eligible program and wish to apply to The Academy, please click the button below.  Applications close 10 April 2024.

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    Frequently asked questions

    • What is a Deloitte immersion experience

      The immersion programs will comprise extra-curricular experiences and activities that allow students to enhance their job readiness, build professional networks and experience Deloitte’s empowering and positive culture first-hand. The immersion program will include activities such as masterclasses, mentoring sessions, thought-leader panels, interview preparation, industry-related team challenges and much more.

    • How long will the internship with Deloitte be?

      Each paid internship involves approximately 150 hours of time spent with Deloitte. If you complete your internship during Semester 1 or 2 you will complete three days a week for eight weeks, alongside your other studies. Some students will complete their internship full time for four weeks over the Summer or Winter break.

    • As a participant will I be guaranteed a Deloitte graduate position, upon completion of my University degree?

      No, a graduate position is not guaranteed with Deloitte. The program will provide the students with the opportunity to build advanced skills and capabilities to be in a prime position to secure employment. The program offers a clear and potential pathway into meaningful careers with Deloitte; however, it is built to offer the students diverse future pathways of their choice.

    • Will international students be eligible?

      Yes, enrolled international students studying an eligible undergraduate degree will be able to apply and participate in the Academy.

    • How does the application process work?

      The application process consists of three stages - a brief online application to provide a resume, an interactive assessment, and an interview.

      We are looking for individuals who demonstrate authentic communication, a collaborative approach to problem-solving, and adaptability in the face of challenges.

      The application takes into consideration students' work, leadership and team experience and academic results.

    • Will participation mean I take on extra study load?

      With the support of student advisers, you can set up your study plans to ensure you complete both your Undergraduate qualification and Professional Certificate concurrently by leveraging summer and winter school offerings.

      The electives and internship will be able to be completed within your existing study load. The immersion activities will likely require a little extra time commitment with some after-hours involved. This could be as little as four or so hours per year.

      Students will enrol in the Professional Certificate in their final year of studies and this will require two additional courses which can be completed in summer/ winter school offerings. This enables students to complete the additional qualification and not extend the timeline of their studies.

    • What would I do if I don’t have any room in my existing study plan to complete an internship?

      Students without elective space will take the internship as a 0-unit course over summer or winter semester, at no extra cost.

    • What will it cost to be a part of The Academy?

      The only additional cost is for completion of the Professional Certificate which will be an additionally recognised qualification. The Academy participants, however, are eligible to a scholarship for 50% of the course fees.

      The course fees for the Professional Certificate are in addition to the standard cost of the undergraduate program being undertaken by students.