Lift Cancer Care

Cancer casts a long, dark shadow over countless Australian families; its impact vast and multi-layered. That it threatens lives is confronting enough. But the fact its treatment can be so debilitating, both physically and mentally, that some patients wish they’d never started it, adds a cruelty beyond measure.

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Ask yourself if you have the energy, confidence and entrepreneurial smarts to bring your vision to life?

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Real Serious Games

When your business specialises in creating high-end virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions, like Brisbane’s Real Serious Games, you get used to the idea anything’s possible.

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Life Whisperer

Ask most people on the street whether artificial intelligence, or AI, has arrived and the answer will likely be no. “Hey, run into any Blade Runner-esque ‘replicants’ at the supermarket lately?” But speak to scientists at the cutting edge, and you’ll get a different perspective.

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Inovor Technologies

From out space to outer space. The Inovor satellite is one of three developed in Australia under the European-funded project QB50, which has established an international network of 50 ‘CubeSats’ as they are known.




Hestia is creating new technological platforms to improve care, communication and overall wellbeing in the aged care industry.




What do you get when a former Facebook game developer from London runs a McLaren Vale vineyard for a few years, and starts talking with the University of Adelaide’s ThincLab entrepreneurial accelerator in France? Simple: an incredibly exciting, multi-million-dollar international agricultural technology opportunity.



Animate Your Science

A business idea often comes from applying your unique perspective and experience to solve a problem.