Donate blood

Your pet could save the lives of other animals by donating blood! Just as humans rely on the donations of other human blood, an animal may need a blood transfusion for many reasons.

Conditions that may require blood transfusion include anaemia, blood clotting problems, such as rat poison toxicity, kidney or liver failure, low blood protein levels, severe bleeding or septic shock.

To ensure your pet is healthy enough to donate blood to our patients, we’ll take a blood test every year. As the procedure takes about half an hour, your pet must also have a good temperament.

To chat to someone about donating or to sign up your pet to be a lifesaving blood donor, contact us or request an appointment online.

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Donations and bequests

Making a financial donation or leaving a bequest to our veterinary hospital or centres is simple and will have an impact long into the future.

It will help our research, teaching and ability to provide ongoing high quality services to all animal owners.

Your gift may be a residual amount such as a share or percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount or a piece of personal property.

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Donate animals for teaching purposes

Sadly, some animals that visit us in an emergency either pass away or are euthanised with your consent. While there are many courses of action, the option is available to donate your pet to veterinary science for teaching purposes.

Discuss with our staff the opportunities available to donate your animal so future veterinarians may use it as part of their research and learning.

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