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Dr. Kara and Napoleon

Choose the Roseworthy Veterinary Hospital for the best possible medical care for your horses and livestock.

The Roseworthy Veterinary Hospital is home to purpose built operating theatres, recovery and neonatal stalls, sports medicine facilities, and reproductive and isolation wards. Specialised areas, advanced monitoring, imaging and scoping equipment compliment these facilities.

Veterinarians, technicians and veterinary students work as a team to provide the best possible health care for horses and livestock using advanced imaging in CT and surgical techniques.

Our Roseworthy Veterinary Hospital facility opened in late 2013. Today it is a busy centre housing a number of specialist veterinarians, general practitioners, technicians and staff who all have a deep affection for animals.

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Lyndsay Jessup with her horse

What our clients say

"Four appointments to the vet within nine days is never an exciting prospect, but you guys at Roseworthy were absolutely fabulous! From start to finish your care, thoroughness and positive can-do approach made each visit easy and dare I say it, enjoyable. A massive thank you. The diligence taken to ensure accuracy in my horses work up was very impressive, findings and treatment options simply explained - 100% recommend especially for those more subtle and complicated lameness issues."Lyndsay Jessup