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Dr. Lidwien looking at Cad's eye ulcer,

The Roseworthy Veterinary Hospital is home to experienced veterinarians who are highly skilled in their approach to diagnostics, procedures and treatment plans for patients.

Alpacas Roseworthy campus

We offer routine, specialist and 24/7 emergency consultations, as well as intensive care hospitalisation in state-of-the-art facilities. We offer on-site and in-field consultations with our primary opinion and ambulatory service. 

The Roseworthy Veterinary Hospital welcomes you and your herd, flock and beloved pets.

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  • Anaesthesia and Pain Management

    Veterinary anaesthetists work with other veterinarians to provide your pet with expert support when anaesthetised.

    We use innovative anaesthetic techniques such as ultrasound guided loco-regional anaesthesia, epidurals, mechanical ventilation and advanced pain management.

    All major cases requiring anaesthesia are admitted to the centre. Our facility houses purpose built anaesthetic induction and recovery areas to assist in a full and safe recovery.

  • Dermatology

    We provide a dermatology service by appointment. We can schedule an appointment once your equine GP sends us a written referral including clinical notes, pathology results and any imaging.

    The initial consultation will take up to two hours and a detailed clinical history is discussed with you to help get to the cause of the problem.

    Pathology samples will be taken either at the initial consultation, or if sedation is required at a later date.

  • Internal medicine

    We provide services in internal medicine including neurology and infectious disease investigation.

    We accept internal medicine referrals and require clinical notes, pathology results and imaging from previous veterinary consultations.

    Internal medicine can often involve several tests and advanced services such as imaging or pathology. In most cases you will need to transport the horse to us for assessment and or treatment by a specialist as equipment and extra staff may be required.

    Patients may also require hospitalisation for further procedures, monitoring or fluid administration. We will provide you with daily progress reports and clinical plans if your horse requires a hospital stay.

  • Oncology

    We provide expert oncology services to our equine patients. Our oncologist will assess your horse and advise of the best possible treatment plan. It may be necessary to collaborate with our pathologists, surgeons and anaesthetists if further treatment is required.

    You will receive communication and further treatment plans from your oncologist or GP.

  • Sports medicine

    We provide services in equine sports medicine and performance.

    Sports medicine is a veterinary service highly regarded in the racing and performance industry. In most cases, a GP vet will identify a problem and refer the horse on to a sports medicine veterinarian for a consultation and possible clinical investigation. You can also contact us directly to make an appointment.

    Advanced monitoring equipment such as an Over-the-Ground Dynamic Airway Endoscopy and advanced cardiology diagnostic equipment is used to obtain clinical data.

    If surgical intervention is needed, your horse may be internally referred internally to a surgeon.

  • Surgery - orthopaedic and soft tissue

    Our centre provides experienced surgeons and fully equipped surgical suites to service high-end soft tissue and orthopaedic surgical procedures, including:

    • Arthroscopy
    • Tenoscopy
    • Laparoscopy
    • Colic and abdominal surgery
    • Advanced laser surgery

    We accept surgical referrals and require clinical history, pathology or imaging information to support an assessment of your horse.

    When you sign consent for surgery and anaesthesia, an estimation of the cost and hospitalisation will be provided. These are only estimations and further costs may be incurred.

Referrals to veterinarians

Equine surgery

Our equine veterinarian accept written referrals from general practitioners. If you see one our our veterinarians for a general check up regarding your horse’s health, they may also internally refer you to one of our veterinarian.

Once your GP provides clinical notes, pathology results and any imaging; and then our veterinarian accepts the referral, we’ll help you book an appointment. The first consultation is generally longer than subsequent meetings. This is so the veterinarian can examine your horse thoroughly and provide advice around the possible treatments or solutions available.


  • You can call or request an appointment online. You will need to transport the horse to the centre for assessment or treatment.
  • Payment for hospitalised patients must be paid on leaving the facility. If you have might have difficulty with payment, please visit VetPay.

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Student involvement

The complexity of specialist consultations provides ideal learning opportunities for future vets. Students are likely to be present when you visit our facility during university teaching times. This allows for teaching of high-end cases and reflection by the student as part of their academic assessments.