Meet the Team

Meet the staff at the Veterinary Health Centres who will look after you and your animals.

Companion Animal Health Centre

Suzanne Baum

Practice Manager

Suzanne has an interest in advanced nursing in poly-traumas, neurology and sepsis. She's currently building a mini farm at Allendale North with her partner, four dogs, three cats, three birds and 25 chickens.

  • Companion animal veterinarians

    Professor Peter Hill

    Passionate about treating skin diseases, Peter is the only veterinary dermatologist in the world to have been board certified as a Diplomate in the UK, Europe and the USA, as well as having a PhD. At home, his skills are occasionally called upon by Stanley the Terrier dog and Maui and Tilly, the family cats.


    Associate Professor Anne Peaston

    Anne is an international cancer expert with experience across veterinary clinical medicine and biomedical research. Her garden at home is an abundance of Australian native plants to attract vertebrate and invertebrate wildlife, while minimising her cats' access, to their displeasure!

    Dr Olaf Schaaf

    Olaf is small animal surgeon with a keen interest in arthroscopy and orthopaedics, challenging lameness and neurosurgery. You'll also find Olaf windsurfing or spending time with his daughters; Murphy, the crazy Jack Russell Terrier; Flynn, a sweet Staffy x Dachshund; Higgins, a smoochy Rag Doll; and two chirpy budgies.

    Dr Penny Tisdall

    Penny is an expert in small animal surgery and has a particular interest in feline, oncologic and reconstructive procedures. Her expertise also extends to soft tissue procedures, orthopaedics and neurology.

    Dr Anthony Nicholson

    While he's now anaesthetising mice to elephants and everything in between; Anthony's interests were originally in the respiratory anatomy and physiology of marine mammals. In his spare time, he enjoys cat-herding (Gordon-Bennett, Beanie, Perch and Freddy), Pippa the dog, photography, music and cooking.

    Dr Lynette Bester

    Lynette started as a veterinary nurse before undertaking further studies to become a vet. Her interests include critical care, pain and fluid management, regional anaesthesia and teaching future veterinarians.

    Dr Luiz Santos

    Brazilian vet Luiz spent time in the USA and Melbourne as an expert in anaesthesia and pain management, before coming to Adelaide in 2014. His clinical interests are in loco-regional anaesthesia in dogs and horses and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. When Luiz is not teaching vet students or working at the Veterinary Health Centres, he’s spending time with two boisterous Springer Spaniels, a few horses, his wife and two children.

    Dr Peter Hutchison

    Peter’s interests lie in emergency medicine, small animal surgery and exotic pets. He currently spends his time with domestic short-haired cat Donut and Ixy the kelpie. His past acquaintances include Ginger the axolotl; Thomas the tortoise and Jeffery Gary Williams the giant panda snail.

    Dr Jim Smith

    After 25 years of mixed animal practice in Naracoorte and Penola, Jim has now spent nine years concentrating on small animal medicine and surgery in metropolitan Adelaide and now at the CAHC.

    Dr Andrew Nicholls

    Andrew has an interest in emergency medicine, critical care and small animal internal medicine. He graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2017 after wanting to be a vet since he was eight years old. Andrew enjoys taking Golden Retriever Erin to the beach, and playing football, cricket and golf.

    Dr Tuuli Viitamaa

    Emergency & Critical Care

    Dr Nori Acevedo

    With a background in ecology and evolutionary biology, Nori completed her veterinary medicine training in Alabama, United States. Her special interests are radiology and ultrasonography. She moved to Adelaide via Auckland in 2016. She’s a general practitioner and emergency vet with a special interest in diagnostic imaging.


  • Nurses and centre staff

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Equine Health and Performance Centre

Casey Hogan

Practice Manager

Casey is a graduate of the University in horse husbandry and management and has more than a decade of experience working for the South Australia Police Mounted Operations Unit. In her free time, she trains and competes her own horses.

Production Animal Health Centre

Senior Veterinarian - Dr Rob Paterson

  • Production Animal Health Centre staff

    Dr Roy Kirkwood

    A well-travelled and vastly experienced vet, Roy is an expert in swine production medicine. He is a field and online consultant and teaches vet students in this area. His current research is in the areas of seasonal infertility, controlling reproduction, impact of sow housing on welfare and reproductive function, farrowing and lactation management, and influences of the gut microbiome on pig performance. 
    He lives with his wife Su, kids Michael and Rowena and Samara the Labrador. 

    Dr Colin Trengrove

    Colin is a lecturer in ruminant health and production whose career spans employment in Primary Industries, mixed veterinary practice, livestock consultancy and academia - all in SA. His research explores the interaction between macro and trace element nutrition; grazing management; and water quality on animal health and production. Colin and his wife Deb enjoy spending time with their grandchildren; and their 4-year old Australian Shepherd, Tilly, who loves daily walks along the nearby creek and nature reserves.

    General practitioners
    • Dr Jamie Moffat
    Veterinary technicians

Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Manager - Kathy Olorenshaw

Pathologists Technicians