Associate Professor Samantha Franklin

Associate Professor Samantha Franklin
 Position Assoc Professor in Equine Physiology
 Org Unit School of Animal and Veterinary Science
 Telephone +61 8 8521 2931
 Location Equine Health and Performance Centre ,   Roseworthy
  • Biography/ Background

    Sam graduated as a veterinary surgeon from the University of Bristol in 1995 and after several years in mixed practice, returned to Bristol to complete a PhD relating to dynamic upper airway obstructions in equine athletes. Sam subsequently ran the Equine Sports Medicine Referral Service at the University of Bristol for 11 years before moving to the University of Adelaide in 2010.

    Sam's clinical and research interests relate to poor performance in equine athletes, with a particular interest in cardiorespiratory disorders.  She is renowned internationally for her work relating to dynamic upper airway obstructions in horses and has published widely in this field. Whilst in the UK, Sam was instrumental in the development of the world's first overground endoscope, with the aid of funding from the Horserace Betting Levy Board. This technique has revolutionised the diagnosis of dynamic upper airway collapse in horses by enabling animals to be examined during exercise under normal riding conditions.

    Sam is board certified in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation and is a member of the International Committee on Equine Exercise Physiology. She is the national committee chair for the 2018 conference which will be held in Australia.


  • Qualifications

    BVSc, University of Bristol, UK (1995)

    PhD, University of Bristol, Uk (2003)

    Dip ACVSMR (Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation) (2015)


  • Publications

    Book Chapter:

    Remote Endoscopy. In: Equine Surgery, 4th edition. Eds Auer and Stick. (2011)

    Selected Journal Articles:

    Allen K.J., Christley R.M., Birchall M.A. and Franklin S.H. (2011) A systematic review of the efficacy of interventions for dynamic intermittent dorsal displacement of the soft palate. Equine Vet J. Pub online 26 Aug.

     K.J., Hillyer M.H., Terron-Canedo N. and Franklin S.H. (2011) Equitation and exercise factors affecting dynamic upper respiratory tract function: a review illustrated by case reports. EVE 23 (70): 361-368.

    Kristopher J. Hughes, Lesley Nicolson, Nuno Da Costa, Samantha H. Franklin, Katherine J. Allen, Stephen P. Dunham (2011) Evaluation of cytokine mRNA expression in bronchoalveolar lavage cells from horses with inflammatory airway disease. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 140: 82–89.

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