Field Calls

Equine Vehicle

Field consultations are available by our equine vets who travel in fully stocked, purpose-built ambulatory vehicles.

We can visit your animal on location for wellness and lameness examinations, treatments such as dental work, vaccinations and general consulting.

If your horse requires additional treatment or emergency care it can be floated to the centre and admitted to hospital.

Payment for field consultations need to be paid at the time of visit.

How a field call works

  • When you make an appointment, we’ll discuss your location and where and how the patient will be housed for a clinical examination.
  • A team consisting of a veterinarian, veterinary students and a technician will travel to your location.
  • You or someone who knows the symptoms and history of the patient will need to be present.
  • Payment via EFTPOS or cash is expected at the time of service in the field.
  • In some instances, a patient may need to be transported to our centre for further procedures or tests. If further treatment is required, we will refer the animal to the Equine Health Centre where monitoring, fluid administration and observation will occur.

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