Don’t lose your pet; update your microchip data

'Harrington' is checked by veterinary students at the Companion Animal Health Centre.

A lost animal with out-of-date microchip details is no more identifiable than a stray animal with no ID.

With new South Australian laws in force from July 1 2018, veterinarians encourage all pet owners to keep their microchip registry details up to date.

Dr Susan Hazel - Senior Lecturer, School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences - said a microchip is only as good as the information it unlocks.

“If you move, change your phone number or transfer ownership of your pet, update your pet’s microchip registry details,” she said.

From July 1st 2018, every state and territory of Australia (excluding the Northern Territory) will have laws making microchipping cats and dogs compulsory.

South Australia is the latest state to make microchipping mandatory, part of a series of reforms aimed at increasing responsible pet ownership.

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