On call vets and students to patrol the Royal Adelaide Show

Molly Oshiro with a pig at the Royal Adelaide Show

University of Adelaide vets and veterinary medicine students will provide 24/7 care to valuable show animals at the upcoming Royal Adelaide Show.

Teams from the Production Animal Health Centre and Equine Health & Performance Centre will provide clinical services to sick or injured animals for the duration of the show.

A fully stocked ambulatory vehicle will live at the show grounds and provide medication, equipment and resources for treating farm animals and horses.

Production Animal Health Centre final-year veterinary medicine students use this opportunity as an elective for their studies. School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences students will be in rotating groups led by experienced vets.

“This is a valuable learning experience for students who will soon be qualified practising veterinarians,” said Clinical Lead Dr Peter Howard.

School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences students Alex Bucci and Claudia Rigney at the Royal Adelaide Show

School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences students Alex Bucci and Claudia Rigney at the Royal Adelaide Show

“Students also have the opportunity to interact in other agricultural aspects of the show and network with industry and production animal groups.”

Dr Howard’s team will rotate through a 24-hour roster over 12 days to provide veterinary services from the time animals arrive and are settled in to their facilities until they leave for the journey home.

“Production animals that are transported can demonstrate clinical signs of stress and illness and the team will be there to deal with these cases,” Dr Howard said.

Equine services will be led by Dr Olivier Simon, who will partner with Morphettville Equine Clinic-Horsemed SA staff. Purpose-stocked equine ambulatory vehicles will provide clinical resources to treat a variety of issues between 8.30am and 5pm.

Students and vets will also use the opportunity to talk with animal owners about the great facilities at the University of Adelaide’s Roseworthy campus.

The Royal Adelaide Show runs from August 28 to September 9.

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