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Dog scratching

Spring is here and summer is on the horizon. During this time vets see an increase in skin conditions in both dogs and cats.

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This is due to environmental changes in temperature causing bacterial infections and spring flora presenting dogs with skin allergies. If your dog is scratching check for a few symptoms;

  • Is the skin reddened?
  • Are there red moist areas between toes and pads?
  • Are there any boarders in his fur such as fleas? - generally seen on the base of the tail.
  • Is your dog constantly itching ears, muzzle and under carriage?

If your dog shows any of these symptoms contact the Companion Animal Health Centre for advice or book a consultation with a veterinarian.

Please don’t bath your dog prior to the appointment as it is best diagnosed at its worst case. Some cases may require referral to our specialist dermatologist consulting at the Veterinary Health Centre.

There are many advanced tests to diagnosis exactly what is causing your dog to itch and new medications and shampoos that alleviate itching and scratching.          

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