Small Animal Veterinary Services

We have veterinarians who provide services for advanced medical and surgical cases.

Veterinary services for small animals include:

  • Anaesthesia and pain management

    Anaesthesia supports other departments such as surgery, internal medicine, dermatology, oncology and general practitioner cases.

    Our experts play a critical role with intensive care cases requiring anaesthesia, ventilation and advanced pain management. They work closely with all areas of the centre from routine cases to emergency and critical care.

    Our anaesthetists use advanced monitoring equipment, treatments and techniques to stabilise patients with chronic and acute conditions.

  • Internal medicine

    Currently we are unable to accept Internal Medicine referrals.

  • Oncology

    The Oncology team, led by Dr Anne Peaston, provides diagnostics and medical treatment for a range of cancers in companion animals. Some examples are:

    • Lymphoma
    • Osteosarcoma
    • Mast cell tumours
    • Bone marrow disease
    • Melanoma vaccine
    • Chemotherapy

    Our oncology team works closely with the surgical team as necessary to ensure a smooth flow in case management and communication. For a first visit, an extended consultation time may be required for diagnostics such as blood tests and minor biopsies. Once a diagnosis and treatment plan is in place, any additional visits may be shorter.

  • Surgical

    We accept referrals for advanced orthopaedic and soft tissue surgical cases. If your local veterinarian is unsure what action to take, they are encouraged to contact the clinic to request advice from our specialist small animal surgeons.

    On your first visit to a surgical specialist, your pet may be admitted to hospital for a procedure such as imaging or surgery. Depending on the type of surgery, it may be a day stay or overnight. Advanced surgical cases may require further planning and an appropriate timeline will be scheduled.

    For planned surgery, you will be given an estimation of cost and will be asked to provide a deposit when booking.

  • In-house Pathology Services

    RVH Pathology Laboratory

Specialist services

Referrals to specialists

Specialist appointments are managed similar to how your family doctor would refer you to a specialist. A referral is in the form of a letter from your vet which may include medical notes, pathology results and imaging. If you see one of our veterinarians in a general check up on your pet’s health, they may also refer you to a specialist.

Once our specialist accepts the referral, we’ll help you book an appointment. The first consultation is generally longer than subsequent meetings. This is so the specialist can examine your pet thoroughly and provide advice around the possible treatments or solutions available. After the specialist appointment, your pet may be admitted to hospital or asked to come back for a procedure on another day.

Book a Specialist Appointment

Student involvement

The complexity of specialist consultations provides ideal learning opportunities for future vets. Students are likely to be present when you visit specialists during university teaching times. This allows for teaching of high-end cases and reflection by the student as part of their academic assessments.