Wildlife and Exotic Animal Services


The Roseworthy Veterinary Hospital provides a special wildlife room dedicated to sick or injured exotic and wildlife animals.

We provide care and treatment to these animals separate from other small animals such as dogs and cats.

Exotic and wildlife animals are becoming more and more common as pets. Not only do we provide the special veterinary service and care these animals require; we can provide you with detailed information about required permits, husbandry and how to provide an enriched environment for these animals.

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Injured wildlife

Many wild animals are injured on roads or find themselves stuck or hurt as a result of natural causes. As the Roseworthy Veterinary Hospital is located in a semi-rural area, we have many wildlife cases presented to the clinic by the public. These animals are not owned and we do our best to provide emergency care. When the wildlife are well enough, many are cared for by Fauna Rescue or released back into the wild.

If you do find sick or injured wildlife:

  • Note the location where you picked it up.
  • Be careful handling animals with sharp claws and beaks.
  • Use a blanket and transfer into a box if possible.
  • If it is a lost but healthy juvenile bird, leave it, as the parent bird will find and collect it.

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