Your Learning Advisors

We are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and passionate about supporting you.

Plus, we’ve all been there before. Whether it's your first semester, or you've started a new degree, or you're up against a challenging task in your postgraduate course, we can relate.

We may not know everything about the specific content of your assignments, but we know a great deal about the skill of academic writing and how to meet the expectations of your assignments.

Meet your learning advisors

Ali Reid updated photo

Hi, I'm Ali.

My PhD, 'Bandaids in a Battlefield': The Anthropology of Refugee and Asylum Seeker Support in Australia', looked at the motivations and experiences of everyday South Australians who provide critical support to people who have fled circumstances of war, conflict, violence, torture, and trauma. 

I also have a First Class Honours in Anthropology, and a Bachelor's degree in Development Studies (now known as International Development).

I am addicted to second-hand bookshops and op-shopping in general. When I have some rare free time, I enjoy working with textiles, painting, reading, and finding new music on Spotify!


Anna writing mentor

Hello, I'm Anna.

I completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in experimental and theoretical physics, and am now a postgraduate student researching and writing about high-energy particles.

In my spare time I love hiking, visiting the oldest second-hand bookshops I can find and staying up too late writing short stories.


Tiana Blazevic

Hello! My name is Tiana and I am a research student in Ancient History.

My thesis looks at the reception of Ancient Egyptian theology and ritual in late antique Greek philosophy and magic. I like to read poetry, watch Netflix and spend time with my two dogs. I also work at the Adelaide Festival Centre and if you see me around campus humming it is likely a musical number.


Anj Foley

Hello, I'm Anj.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in languages, a first-class Honours in History (for which I was awarded the Tinline Prize), a Graduate Diploma in Education, a Graduate Diploma in TESOL and an MPhil in Creative Writing. I have taught French, History and English in secondary schools and English to adult migrants in the tertiary sector. This year I am continuing with my Bachelor of Languages and am undertaking Advanced German.

I love learning other languages, travelling, reading history, and writing stories. I also enjoy staying fit. I look forward to helping you at the Writing Centre.

Emma Muhlack

Hi! I'm Emma.

As well as being a learning advisor at the Writing Centre, I'm a teaching academic in Public Health. My PhD thesis was on the social significance of alcohol consumption in middle aged populations.

I also have an academic background in English, Philosophy, and Communication. In my spare time, I'm a musician, a sailor, a voracious reader, a writer, and a D&D player.


Aaron Owen

Hi, I'm Aaron.

I'm currently undertaking a PhD program in Development Studies between the University of Adelaide and the University of Nottingham. My research explores human rights-based approaches to early childhood education for refugee children. I have taught international Development subjects and have a passion for supporting students to reach their potential and achieve success in their studies.

Off campus, I'm a cricket tragic, keen gardener and love reading classic literature.


Juliet photo

Hi, I'm Juliet.

I have a diploma of Spanish and a BA (Hons) in linguistics from Melbourne Uni. Right now I'm doing a Grad Cert in TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Flinders, plus some proofreading and linguistics research assistant work on the side.

I love all things language-related, including supporting students with their writing! I'm also into swimming, cycling, climbing, and other stuff you can do outdoors.


Kym Teh photo

Hi, I'm Kym.

I completed a PhD on change management and universities, and the models of change adopted by university leaders. I also completed studies in law and computer science. I have a passion for supporting and working with students, having also taught over many years in IT, law and marketing.

For fun, I love to read (while listening to an eclectic mix of music) and haunt all sorts of bookstores, walk our beautiful girl (Tasha the dog), and take lots of photos.


Melanie Attard

Hi, my name is Melanie.

I completed a BSc with Honours in Genetics before undertaking a PhD, exploring the ethical and social implications of the genetic testing of children. I also have a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults and am a keen learner of languages myself. 

I enjoy a fairly eclectic mix of books, films and music but, in particular, am a devotee of existential philosophy and literature.