International Students

The University of Adelaide Writing Centre welcomes all international students - we look forward to meeting you! We are here to help you further develop your skills in academic language and learning.  

  • One-on-one learning advisor appointments

    Appointments: One-on-One Writing Consultations 

    Writing Centre Appointments are available for all current undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students, from all Faculties and courses. Appointments are 30-minutes long, offering a chance to have an in-depth one-on-one discussion about your writing with a Learning Advisor.

    Current Appointment Hours 
    OPEN for in-person and online consultations from 10am-2pm, Monday to Friday.

    Appointment Availability: Appointments open 4 business days (weekdays) in advance - this runs on a rolling schedule that excludes weekends. For instance, appointments on Fridays open for booking on the Monday prior, while appointments on Thursdays open for booking on the Friday prior (4 weekdays in advance). So, if you were aiming to get an appointment at 11am on Friday, then this would become available to book from 11am Monday onwards. 

    No appointments available? If the booking system currently shows that no appointments are available (they are often in high demand!), keep checking back and more will become available over time. Or, consider coming to our afternoon drop-in times - no appointment needed!

    Finally, before making an appointment, please read our Booking Policies.


  • Drop-in sessions

    OPEN for in-person drop-ins from 2pm-4pm, Monday to Friday

    Want a quiet space to study and work on your academic writing and English skills? Can't make it to an appointment? Come along to our drop-in times - no appointment needed! Our drop-in sessions will have a Learning Advisor present to answer your questions and to help facilitate an encouraging space to work on your writing – a great addition to the one-on-one consultations we offer at the Writing Centre. 

    Drop-in session guidelines

    • Drop-in sessions are designed for shorter, more specific questions - think of what can be achieved with a 5-10 minute chat with a Learning Advisor. For more detailed advice about your writing, consider booking a one-on-one, 30-minute appointment. 
    • Before you see a Learning Advisor, consider structuring your question before they come to help you.
    • Identify the specific help you need - perhaps it relates to a specific paragraph of your writing, or help with unpacking a particular part of your assignment instructions.
  • Online writing resources

    Our online resources and guides are available to help with developing your skills in your own time. We have interactive essay writing modules and a number of writing guides for you to access - these are great for developing your academic writing skills.

    If you have any questions about the information in these resources, consider making an appointment to ask a Learning Advisor in the Writing Centre to help you develop your skills in these areas. 

    We also have a range of recorded videos/seminars available. For example, it takes organisation and commitment to study several courses in English when it is not your first language. The recorded seminar below talks about strategies you can use to manage this process and to continually improve your English. It also shows several self-access resources you can use to keep learning.

    Presented by Dr Jillian Schedneck and Jayee Teh.

  • English Assist Program

    The University of Adelaide recognises that ongoing academic language development and social engagement are key to student success.  The English Assist Program is here to support you.

    The English Assist Program is exclusive to international students studying an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree in their first semester of study. There is no obligation to complete the program - it is completely optional. The program is not counted towards your academic transcript, and your activity is not graded or tracked; we like to think of it as a useful resource for non-English speaking background students that will assist your conversational, reading, and writing skills for university study, if you need it.

    The Program offers three streams of support for international students studying an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree in their first semester of study. One stream provides opportunities to develop your Speaking and Listening skills and focuses on conversation skills for university study and social engagement; one stream supports specific courses to enable students to develop discipline-specific language competencies; the third stream will develop your skills in Reading and Writing in English for academic study.

    Communicate and Connect

    This series of free, interactive, conversation based workshops, running from Weeks 2-7 (from July 31 to September 8), will develop your speaking and listening communication skills, help you make new friends, and build your confidence to fully engage in your University of Adelaide studies. To attend the workshops, visit the English Assist MyUni course for a full schedule and list of topics. You can also see the schedule below. 

    The workshops will assist you with the spoken language needed to fully participate in key study activities such as tutorials, seminars, group projects, oral presentations, and social conversations.

    Communicate and Connect sessions are run by specialist language tutors from the University of Adelaide. Classes will have a maximum of 20 students, providing the opportunity for you to get to know your fellow classmates and to receive tips, strategies and feedback from your tutor. No preparation or out of class work is required for these workshops.

    Attendance at the sessions is able to be claimed towards the Adelaide Graduate Award, a free employability program that formally recognises your extra-curricular achievements.

                                           Semester 2 Schedule

    Time Location
    Mondays 4:10pm - 5:00pm Hughes 322 (behind Ask Adelaide)
    Tuesdays 4:10pm - 5:00pm Lower Napier LG21
    Wednesdays 12:10pm - 1:00pm Lower Napier LG18
    Wednesdays 1:10pm - 2:00pm Lower Napier LG19

    English for Coursework Success 

    English for Coursework Success sessions (ECSs) support the development of knowledge for specific disciplinary contexts. The series of free weekly sessions are designed to give you the support you need to communicate effectively in both written and spoken English for your courses.

    In these sessions, you will work in small groups practising the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills needed for success both in your courses - developing confidence in discipline-specific language - and for your further studies at the University.

    Session times, course lists, and weekly content are available on the English Assist MyUni course. A schedule of session times is also viewable below, with sessions running from Weeks 2-4 (July 31 - August 18) and Weeks 9-11 (October 2 - October 20)

                           Focus          Times and Locations
    Commencing Undergraduate Students

    Tuesdays 2pm-4pm - Napier 144

    Commencing Postgraduate Students

    Mondays 1pm-3pm - Napier 144


    Reading and Writing in English

    This self-guided course will provide a combination of lectures and modules to help you build your skills and confidence in writing and reading in English. To watch the reading and writing lectures, please go to the English Assist MyUni course 

    Once you complete these modules, we encourage you to make a 30-minute one-on-one mentoring appointment with a Learning Advisor from the Writing Centre. These appointments can be made via the Writing Centre website, and are currently available both in-person at the Writing Centre (Level 3, Hub Central) and online (Zoom) from Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm. 

    The modules will help you:

    • Build your skills and confidence in writing and reading in English.
    • Build your understanding of academic writing expectations at University.
    • Develop your ability to understand and use academic texts in English.
    • Expand your English vocabulary.
    • Build your understanding of the themes, content, styles and structures of different texts in English.
    • Work on communication skills which will help you in your professional life.
  • Volunteer program for conversation development (EAL students)

    An internationally recognised volunteer program is also available to provide language support for students from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds (NESB) who have an additional need to improve their oral communication.

    For more information visit International Student Support's talking with Aussies page.

  • External language support

    The State Library of SA provides an English Language Learning Improvement Service (ELLIS)  as a free service for people who are learning English as a foreign language and want to improve their language skills.

    ELLIS supplements other English language and literacy programs within South Australia by providing self-help materials and opportunities to improve conversation.