Volunteer Student Mentors

Student mentors

How can student mentors help you?

  • Your Student Mentors can help you with referencing and can provide general study tips based on their own successful experiences, and they can show you and explain to you the writing resources we provide on our website.
  • Student Mentors can take a look at your assignment task and provide advice based on their own experiences as successful students.
  • Student Mentors cannot comment upon your writing.
  • Get study advice from your Student Mentors. Ask Student Mentors questions, like: What’s a good strategy for cutting words in an assignment? How do you avoid procrastination? How can I use sources well in an assignment? Do outlines really work when planning an assignment? This is my first time in the Writing Centre. How does this work?

Would you like to be a volunteer student mentor?

If you are a 2nd or 3rd year student and are interested in volunteering as a Student Mentor, please contact writingcentre@adelaide.edu.au with your CV and a brief note about why you want to be a Volunteer Student Mentor.