ELC Connections Program

ELC Connections Program events provide opportunities for you to meet other students, ELC staff and our ELC Connections Mates while you are in Adelaide. We host a range of activities, from weekly café meet-ups and board game sessions, to movie and Adelaide outings, all so you can practise your English with locals in a fun environment.

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Below are some photos of students enjoying past events.

Want to get involved?

Join our volunteer program and attend fun events and activities in and around Adelaide whilst meeting new friends and build your intercultural awareness.

I enjoy the social club activities that the ELC Volunteer Program offers and that volunteers, like myself, can participate right alongside the students themselves.Luisa - ELC Intercultural Volunteer


Become an ELC Intercultural Volunteer

The ELC Intercultural Program is a great way to meet international students, build intercultural awareness and develop cross-cultural communication skills, as well as make new friends.

Volunteer Award 2021

2021 Student Volunteer Group of the Year Award

The ELC team and our volunteers have again won the Vice Chancellor's Volunteer Group of the Year award. In response to the global pandemic and international border closures, the English Language Centre’s Intercultural Program and its volunteers moved to supporting students online from early 2020. As we all appreciate, the impacts of COVID-19 meant there was a sudden need to change how we operate, but the English Language Centre confronted those challenges to ensure students and Intercultural Volunteers felt connected no matter where they were physically located.

The impact of this program has included enhanced independent learning, relationship building and creating a sense of belonging and well-being in challenging times.

Student Volunteer Group of the Year Award

2018 Student Volunteer Group of the Year Award 

The ELC team and our volunteers have won the 2018 Volunteer Group Award. This award recognises the excellent job our Intercultural Program does in using volunteers to enrich the ELC student experience. The program, and the volunteers who participate, enhance our student’s experience through providing opportunities for English conversation and cross cultural exchange during organised social club events. 

2022 Student Volunteer

2022 Student Volunteer of the Year Award

ELC Connection Mate Xusheng (Leslie) Li has won the Vice Chancellor's Student Volunteer of the Year 2022 award. Since starting with the ELC Connection program in November 2021 he has accrued over 38 hours of volunteering with us, all while studying his Master of International Management with the University of Adelaide. Always friendly, Leslie’s work ethic, selflessness and compassion is second to none. He juggles his studies with his volunteering and has mastered, quote ‘slivers of time’ efficiently to always ‘give back’. As well as working with the ELC, he works with 15 other volunteer programs in Adelaide from the Red Cross and peer mentoring with Study Adelaide to the Children’s University.

Congratulations Leslie!