GEAP Specialisation

To help you achieve your own personal language goals, you can tailor your GEAP program by choosing a Friday class that best suits your needs. Whether your interest is business, culture or achieving the right test score for future study, find a GEAP specialisation class below to meet your goals.

  • Global Communication Skills

    This course will help you develop your confidence and international communication skills. You will focus on both face-to-face and social media communication, in personal and professional contexts. Global Communication aims to improve your e-literacy and inter-cultural communication skills; as well as give you an understanding of international etiquette and your own personal brand. It is suitable for all students; it is particularly relevant for those looking for a career in international business.

    Who is the program suitable for? Professionals or those looking for a career in business
    What level is this program? Intermediate to advanced level
  • Global Citizenship

    This course will build your knowledge and language skills on confronting global issues, such as environmental challenges and human rights. You will be introduced to the role of non-government aid organisations and will learn about Australia's volunteering sector. The course is aimed at those wishing to volunteer overseas, or anyone who wishes to explore 21st century values. Global Citizenship will help you to be an engaged member of the global community. Please note that this program may include some visits to outside organisations where available.

    Who is the program suitable for? Students looking to get involved with different cultures for leisure, business or as a volunteer
    What level is this program? Pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate level
  • Australian Studies and Popular Culture

  • Test Preparation - Academic Skills Preparation and TOEFL

    The TOEFL test is geared towards students seeking entry into University, and the skills necessary for success in the TOEFL test translate into success in your University program.  This program will focus on preparing students to achieve the best result possible by developing the skills and readiness required for studying in an Australian University or another western institution.

    Who is the program suitable for? Students who wish to increase their academic study skills and/or students that wish to take the TOEFL iBT test
    What level is this program? Low intermediate to advanced level
  • Test Preparation - IELTS (Academic)

    If you are seeking to improve your IELTs score for University entry or immigration purposes, this practical program will give you the skills and experience to help you achieve your best.  Delivered by experienced teachers with extensive IELTs experience, you will learn proven techniques that can be applied to your test in addition to your general English development.

    Who is the program suitable for? Students who will take an IELTs test
    What level is this program? Pre-intermediate or advanced level