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  • 2022 GEAP intake dates

    Intake dates 2022

    Census date*

    Last date to enrol^

    Tuesday, 4 January

    Tuesday, 4 January

    Monday, 17 January

    Monday, 14 February

    Monday, 14 February

    Friday, 25 February

    Monday, 21 March

    Monday, 21 March

    Friday, 1 April

    Monday, 2 May

    Monday, 2 May

    Friday, 13 May

    Monday, 6 June

    Monday, 6 June

    Monday, 20 June

    Monday, 18 July

    Monday, 18 July

    Friday, 29 July

    Monday, 22 August

    Thursday, 25 August

    Friday, 2 September

    Tuesday, 4 October

    Tuesday, 4 October

    Monday, 17 October

    Monday, 14 November

    Monday, 14 November

    Friday, 25 November

    *Census Date: Last day to withdraw without incurring liability for student contributions or tuition fees.

    ^Last date to enrol: Students must arrive in Adelaide and visit the English Language Centre to enrol in their Academic English Program by the 'Last Date to Enrol' to be admitted to the program.

    Please use the calculator below to work out when you will complete your intended GEAP program.


    Holiday breaks 2022

    Monday, 3 January

    Wednesday, 26 January

    Monday, 7 February to Friday, 11 February inclusive

    Monday, 14 March

    Friday, 15 April to Monday, 18 April inclusive 

    Monday, 25 April to Friday, 29 April inclusive 

    Monday, 13 June

    Monday, 11 July to Friday, 15 July inclusive

    Monday, 26 September to Monday, 3 October inclusive

    Monday, 7 November to Friday, 11 November inclusive

    Monday, 19 December to Friday, 30 December inclusive

  • 2022 GEAP fees

    GEAP fees 2022

    Course fee: $535 per week

    Enrolment must be in 5 week blocks

    * Students coming to Australia on a Student Visa are required to pay Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). For up to date prices please visit Allianz Care Australia OSHC.

    Students arriving on a Tourist or Working Holiday Visa are advised to arrange their own Health Insurance in their home country before departure.