Support Services

The University of Adelaide offers a wide range of support services for international students. Staff at the English Language Centre are happy to assist with any questions, from accommodation to study concerns, with on-going support from teachers and administrative staff.

Support services are available to students online or in person, depending on your location.

Wellbeing of students studying at the ELC

Wellbeing is a well-known and well researched contributing factor to academic success. The ELC has a genuine concern for student welfare and is committed to providing the support students need to complement their face to face academic program. The ELC Wellbeing Team provide resources for students to access information regarding student support services, professional assistance and promote activities that give students tools to enhance their wellbeing. These range from tips for developing an effective study life balance, advice on ways to stay well physically and emotionally, as well as providing opportunities for students to engage with one another and develop a sense of belonging to the wider University community. We stay connected with all our students through class visits, newsletters, and offer open-door drop-in opportunities. If you need to contact the Wellbeing Team, please email


On your first day a comprehensive orientation session will help you settle into life and study as quickly as possible. Orientation sessions will cover a wide range of topics from cultural differences to accommodation to time management. Students are also given a guided or virtual tour of the University of Adelaide campus and the city of Adelaide.

ELC Connections Program

The ELC Connections Program offers students a variety of affordable, fun events and activities. Excursions have included trips to the harbour for dolphin spotting tours, tours of the historic Adelaide Hills, soccer games, quiz nights and ten pin bowling competitions. . These regular events provide opportunities for you to meet other students, ELC staff and our ELC Intercultural Volunteers.

Accommodation assistance

There are a variety of accommodation options available to international students in Adelaide. For accommodation options, including temporary or private sector accommodation, visit the University's Accommodation Service website.

The English Language Centre also runs a very successful homestay program, where international students stay with an Australian family. It is a great way to settle into a new city, learn about the culture and practise English in real-life situations.

Arrival in Adelaide

If you stay in the ELC's homestay program your host family will meet you at the airport when you arrive.

If you have arranged alternative accommodation, the University offers an airport pick up service. A university representative will meet you and transport you and your immediate dependants (partners and children) / or your parents to your accommodation or to the University of Adelaide.

If you are a GEAP student who is not using our ELC homestay program there is a fee for the airport pick-up service which will be charged by the Accommodation Service at the time of registering for this service.

If you require airport pick-up, please register through the Accommodation Service portal and complete the arrival service request at least 72 hours prior to your arrival. Please note that you need to have your flight details to register for the pick-up service and there is no refund available for cancellations once the service has been booked.  Once this information is received through the Accommodation Service portal; they will send you confirmation of your airport pick-up. Please note that if you provide your arrival details less than 72 hours before your scheduled arrival, airport pick-up cannot be guaranteed.

Other transport alternatives

You can hire a taxi and the approximate cost of a one way fare to Adelaide city is approximately $20 - $25. Use the taxi fare calculator for more estimated rates.

If travelling via Adelaide Airport, you may choose to use the Adelaide Airport Flyer to and from the CBD and surrounding suburbs. The cost is approximately $40 one way and bookings are appreciated at least 48 hours prior to travel. For details, please visit the Adelaide Airport Flyer website.

There is also a public transport bus option - Adelaide Metro's Jetbus. For more information, please visit the Adelaide Metro's Jetbus website.

University facilities

ELC students will benefit from having access to a wide range of facilities whilst with us.

For students studying for 5 weeks or more, a University of Adelaide student card will give you access to our modern Hub Central complex, a space designed for students with 24 weekday access to computers, meeting rooms, cafes and restaurants and an excellent opportunity to interact with other University students.

English Language Centre students can access the University of Adelaide’s Barr Smith Library, an outstanding teaching and research library, housing more than two million volumes.

Students have access to the ELC computer suite, as well as facilities across the University. You will have your own email account, access to the internet and the university’s online resources. All classrooms in the ELC are fitted with a variety of multi-media, ensuring a relevant and modern learning environment.

All students have access to a vibrant social life – the campus offers a variety of recreational and sporting associations and a university gym, while there are also a number of busy cafes serving international food.

As a member of the University community, you will also have access to a medical centre, bank, post office, travel agent and various student services such as employment assistance and counselling.

Other support services

International students can make use of the following services: