ELC Connections Mates

The ELC Connections Mates is a great way to meet international students, build intercultural awareness and develop cross-cultural communication skills, as well as make new friends.

Meet some of our friendly volunteers who lead and chaperone ELC students at our fun Connections Program events and activities.

Meet Luisa - Student Volunteer

Meet Luisa

Luisa is currently studying a Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Adelaide and has been an active student volunteer for the English Language Centre for the past 7 months.

“When I was in high school, we had international students from countries including Brazil, Italy, China & Japan. This inspired me to join the ELC Volunteer program. I thought it was a great opportunity to meet new international students and experience the different cultures from around the world."

“I like that I get to meet different people, who have grown up in a completely different country, speak different languages and who have experienced different things to what I have. I like learning about what all these things mean to these students who have come from around the globe. I enjoy the activities that the ELC Volunteer Program offers and that volunteers, like myself, can participate right alongside the students themselves.”

“I would advise other people considering volunteering at the ELC to go ahead and do it! It’s a great experience and a lot of fun!"

Meet Steven - Student Volunteer

Meet Steven

Steven is one of our longest serving volunteers and is a regular at ELC events and activites.

“I have been involved with the English Language Centre Volunteer Program since June 2015. I decided to join the program to meet new people, socialise and enjoy a work life balance."

"Participating in all the Social Club events, having fun and meeting new students from all parts of the world is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.” 

Meet Ginny - Student Volunteer

Meet Ginny

Ginny is a past PEP student who is currently studying a Masters in Finance and Business Economics at the University of Adelaide.

“I became an ELC volunteer last year. I am a past PEP student myself and I thought that this was a good opportunity for me to help other PEP students. It is also a chance for me to meet new friends and allows me to practice my English."

“The program has been fun and relaxing to chat with other students so I am really happy I joined this program.”

“I have really enjoyed taking PEP and GEAP students to the cinema, after watching a film we chat about the story.”

“Become an ELC volunteer, it is a good place to help fellow students and have fun!”

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The ELC Connections Mates Program is a great way to meet international students, build intercultural awareness and develop cross-cultural communication skills, as well as make new friends.

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Meet Lawrence - Student Volunteer

Meet Lawrence

“I graduated from the University of Western Australia and have travelled widely throughout Asia, Africa and Australia. I decided to join the program in order to help students and make a contribution to Australian society.

“It has been over a year now and I am thoroughly enjoying being part of this program. What I like best is participating in the educational development of students from diverse cultural backgrounds and sharing tales of academic and social experiences."

Meet Anna - Student Volunteer

Meet Anna

Anna has been involved with the ELC Volunteer Program since August 2017. Anna relocated to Adelaide after spending 4 years teaching English abroad. She is an avid volunteer who enjoys collecting experiences and helping students practice English. 

“This program is unique in terms of its cultural diversity. I would strongly encourage anyone to volunteer at the English Language Centre if you are interested in meeting people from all over the world, improving your social skills andhelping others to learn and practice English.” 

“My best memory from my involvement with the program so far has been taking the students on excursions and particularly to Bounce!” 

Meet Ken - Student Volunteer

Meet Ken

“When I arrived in Australia it was a difficult for me to adapt to the culture and especially the language. Through the PEP program and participating in the English Language Centre social club events I was able to improve my English and become much more confident in my communication."

“Since successfully passing the PEP program earlier this year, I decided to join the ELC Volunteer Program. This enables me to give back and help students with their English skills, adapt to new cultures and also gives me the opportunity to continue to improve on my English.” 

“Being involved in taking the students to events such as Bounce, has definitely been a highlight. I look forward to participating in more activities and helping the ELC students.”