Online English Plus

The University of Adelaide’s English Language Centre offers a range of online short English ‘Plus’ programs to meet the academic and language development needs of students, with opportunities to expand broader communication, leadership and intercultural skills.

Using online collaborative tools and interactive, online classes in real-time, students will be immersed in our virtual programs and guided by experienced instructors and academics.


Duration 4 WEEKS (48 HOURS)
Dates  Enquire Now for dates and fees

Students will develop communication skills that are directly relevant to a career in the medical professions. Example activities include writing medical themed reports, giving presentations based on a particular health topic and reading medical texts.

Communication classes will also prepare students for the Health content components of this program. In addition, MBBS and Nursing students will be introduced to an alternative approach to the study of Medicine or Nursing and develop a greater awareness of the Australian health system and how this differs from the students’ own health care systems.

Both Nursing and Medical students will develop skills in analysing and assessing patients, and in decision making, both individually and in teams.

Students will have the opportunity to more fully explore a specific medical issue using a case based learning (‘CBL’) methodology that will encourage them to apply existing knowledge and material covered in classes, to real world scenarios in small groups, in order to promote higher level cognition.

Please note, the Health Sciences and Nursing programs are distinct, separate programs for the relevant cohort of students.



Duration 3 WEEKS (39 HOURS)
Dates 17 January to 4 February 2022       Enquire now for other possible dates

This interactive, online course focuses on developing participants’ practical English communication in areas such as negotiation, planning, problem solving and team work while learning about different aspects of Australian culture.

In their specialised English program, students will work with experienced language teachers to build their confidence and practice their language skills in these areas.

As part of their Virtual Experience program, participants will be joined by University of Adelaide local student guides who will work with them to plan and deliver virtual experiences in and around the Adelaide city, during which participants will meet local people and learn about local life and culture.

Finally, in their Professional Experience sessions, participants will learn from experts in the careers field about how to navigate a typical assessment process used by a global organisation, as well as hearing from experienced HR managers about the desirable attributes a prospective employee should have.

The program is suitable for those students who value practical experience and wish to build and practice the communicative and intercultural skills that are expected in the international business arena, and that will make them attractive to employees in international recruitment.

Classes are delivered using online tools, such as Zoom and the University's online learning environment 'MyUni'. The timetable is 3 hours virtual classroom tuition per day, 3 days a week, plus 2 hours Virtual Experience program per day, 2 days per week. Some further offline hours of work will be necessary to successfully complete the program. You get the full classroom experience as you talk with and listen to your teachers and interact with classmates. 

All students will receive a University of Adelaide Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

To participate in the online remote learning classes, you need access to a computer or device with audio and video capabilities; and reliable internet or data access. Once enrolled, you will be provided with a guide to assist you to activate your University of Adelaide account and gain access to all the University of Adelaide online resources. The guide will also assist you to organise access to MyUni and Zoom, which will be used for classes.



Course GLOBAL JINZAI PROGRAM                                                                                                                     
Duration 3 WEEKS (39 HOURS)
Dates 14 February to 4 March 2022       Enquire Now for other possible dates

This three-week program combines language development with authentic interactions with members of the local community, including University of Adelaide students. This program has been specifically designed to introduce and replicate the experiences that students studying overseas gain whilst onshore in Australia. Through live-streamed activities, students will have the opportunity to experience the city and people of Adelaide in an online environment.

Experiences include:

• Social interactions with Adelaide domestic and international students

• Project teamwork involving Adelaide students

• Live-streamed tours and interactions with members of the community

• A look inside the home of an Australian family and an in-depth exploration of local customs.

Objectives of this program include:

• Development of language abilities, especially in Speaking and Listening

• Increased communication confidence

• Greater understanding of cross-cultural communication

• Expanded high level communication skills including negotiation and presentation.



Course RESEARCH SKILLS                                                                                                                                
Duration 4 WEEKS (30 HOURS)
Dates Enquire Now for dates and fees

The Research Communication Skills program aims to develop the communication, language and learning skills needed to operate in research environments in both Australian and international contexts, and has been designed to assist students in the future publication of their research.

The program focuses on the development of students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing within a research environment. The teaching methodology is based on a communicative approach, with students doing pair work and group tasks. Appropriate texts, online resources and audio-visual materials support students’ exploration of research communication.

Students produce texts of their own in response to the themes examined in class, which are then used to illustrate practical ways in which students can improve their overall skills.

This program has been designed for students that are considering postgraduate or PhD research study in the Western academic context, or current postgraduate or PhD students that are planning on submitting papers to academic journals.




TESOL TEACHER TRAINING                                                                                                                   

Duration 4 WEEKS (36 HOURS)
Dates 19 JULY - 13 AUGUST 2021          Enquire Now for other available dates and fees

The program has a focus on the teaching of TESOL methodologies with particular attention to Communicative Language Teaching and related approaches, including Task-Based Learning and Guided Discovery.

Students will develop teaching strategies and resources for English language teaching. Sessions will involve TESOL Theoretical sessions as well as Teaching Practice (TP) sessions and associated feedback and reflection sessions. By combining theoretical sessions with hands-on practice followed up by expert, guided feedback, participants will have the opportunity to put into practice new ideas quickly and effectively.



Duration 4 WEEKS (36 HOURS)
Dates 19 JULY - 13 AUGUST 2021            Enquire Now for other available dates and fees

This program focuses on developing participants’ ability to teach their specialised content areas in English, as well as developing the language needed for high quality lecturing and teaching in English. There is a particular focus on developing student centred teaching. The program will support participants by enhancing their awareness of teaching and learning methodologies, with specific focus on the practical application of strategies for their own context.

The program is suitable for academics and educators who are currently teaching their academic content in English or will be required to do so in the future. The program aims to increase participant’s English language skills, build on their confidence in delivering academic content in English and develop practical teaching skills for University contexts.




For more information, including fees, entry requirements and detailed course information, or to express your interest in a customised program for a group of students, contact Simon Futo at