The purpose of this information is to help students achieve the best possible result in their academic studies and to maintain compliance with regard to government legislation. All international students within the English Language Centre are required to maintain an attendance of 90% or greater.  Failure to do so may result in the student not meeting the academic requirements of the program. Furthermore, the University, under the obligations of the ESOS National code of practice, may report students studying on a Student Visa to the Department of Home Affairs should they not maintain an attendance of 80% or higher in their course of study.


This policy meets the requirements of the Commonwealth Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 and the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 (the National Code). Standard 8 of the Code requires registered providers to systematically monitor student attendance and to identify and support students who are considered to be at risk of not meeting their attendance requirements.

Recording attendance

Class teachers will mark attendance each day in class, noting instances of absences, lateness or early departure accordingly.  If you feel you have been marked as absent incorrectly, you should alert your teacher or the Student Services Officer as soon as possible by calling 8313 4777 or email

Late arrival 

Please note that students arriving after the first start day (but before the last day to arrive) of their program, will be allowed to join class however, the student’s class absence will be recorded.  Therefore, if you arrive late, you are advised that you will need to be particularly careful to avoid being late or absent from further classes.

Visit course areas for more information on the last day to arrive (‘census date’).

What to do if you are sick

If you are unable to come to class due to illness, please visit a doctor and take the doctor’s advice.  If your doctor recommends you do not attend class, please make sure you get a doctor’s certificate and bring this to your teacher.  Your attendance record will only reflect illness when a doctor’s certificate has been presented.

Adelaide Unicare is located on campus and offers medical care and services for students staff and families.

Please remember to call reception on 8313 4777 so that we can let your teacher know you will be late or absent.

Your attendance level notification

Should your attendance level drop below 90%, you will receive an email advising you of this.

Further decline in your attendance will result in further warning emails, meetings with the Director of Studies or other designated staff. If your attendance level drops below 80% the English Language Centre may notify the Department of Home Affairs.

These emails will be sent to your student email address so it is essential that you check your student email account regularly.

In serious cases, your Student Visa may be at risk if you do not maintain a satisfactory attendance level.

Support available 

If you are facing issues that are affecting your health or ability to come to class, please talk to our staff, in particular our Student Services Officer (SSO) who will be able to talk to you about different options where you can receive help and support.  You can contact the SSO by calling 8313 4777 or by email