Exercise 1: Articles in the Movie 1

Articles exercise from Memoirs of A Parrot

How much can you remember?

Please complete the following exercise using a/an/the (or leave the space blank to indicate no article) in the spaces below where appropriate.

After doing the exercise, click on the 'submit' button at the bottom of the page to have your work graded and to view the passage with the correct articles inserted, together with an explanation of their use. You can also click the 'reset' button to try again after this.


Ms Parrot, most famous lady detective of twenty-first century, was born in United Kingdom in 1960s. Since then, she has been to many countries, including Portugal, Singapore and Australia, and has lived in northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere, as well as on equator. She has never been to Philippines or United States, but she speaks English, French and Portuguese. Like Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes, famous detective, she plays violin, and sometimes practises up to five times day. She is also only person in world to have performed Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture in one breath on recorder.

She has been detective for thirty years and claims that although many people think that being detective is piece of cake, detectives generally work very hard and it's not all fun and games. detective is someone who solves mysteries, and people who contact Ms Parrot have some very unusual problems. Little information is available about some of cases she has solved, but few of her most famous cases have attracted worldwide attention and she has been offered up to thousand dollars hour to help solve mysteries such as case of Australian owl in uniform. bird laid egg in European nest in less than hour after its arrival. What strange problem!

With great modesty, she has either declined such fee or donated money to poor, or to Grammar Survival Fund, believing that detective should use their skills for common good.