Exercise 3: Active vs Passive

These sentences are written in a mixture of active and passive voices, but they don't all sound good in English.

E.g. 'Chocolate is liked by my mother' doesn't sound good in the passive. It would be better to rewrite it in the active: 'My mother likes chocolate.' The sentence should therefore be marked as active in the drop down list.

E.g. 'Our luggage was checked at the airport' sounds good in the passive. It should therefore be marked as passive.

Each of the sentences below is shown in the active voice. To switch the sentence between the 'active' or 'passive' voice, click the drop down box to the right of it. Then, choose which voice you think the sentence sounds better in and select 'active' or 'passive'. Then click 'submit' to see if your answers are correct and read why each sentence sounds better in the active or the passive.