Exercise 1: Introductions

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  •  Using prepositions correctly in English is very difficult if English is not a person's first language.
    Background statement that sets the context for the essay.
  •  Prepositions are small connecting words that do not necessarily exist in other languages, or may not have exactly the same meanings.
    Issue. An explanation of the problem.
  •  Such language differences make teaching of this area very difficult.
    Issue. Further explanation of the problem.
  •  One popular teaching method relies on students learning combinations of nouns and prepositions.
    Issue. One solution.
  •  Another method takes a cognitive linguistics approach, in which prepositions are studied in relation to spatial relationships.
    Issue. A second solution.
  •  The essay which follows gives a brief history of prepositional theory and compares the traditional and cognitive linguistics approaches, arguing that a cognitive linguistics approach helps students to understand the concepts underlying prepositions and so is more effective in helping students to use prepositions correctly.
    Thesis statement outlining what the essay will cover and what perspective the writer will take.