Exercise 4: Missing Articles

Articles exercise

This exercise is very difficult because no gaps are indicated.

Can you add articles (a/an/the) where necessary in the following text? (Some articles have been included for you, but others are missing.)

After doing the exercise, click 'Submit' to view the passage with correct articles inserted, together with an explanation of their use.

(adapted from Hay, I, Bochner, D & Dungey, C 1997, Making the grade, Oxford University Press Australia, Sydney, p. 155)



The Harvard referencing system has two essential components: brief in-text references throughout your assignment and a comprehensive list of references at the end of your assignment. The in-text reference should give the date that the work you are referring to was published, the family name of the author and, in the case of quotations, the page where the quotation was found. It is an easy system, once you understand it.