Exercise 1: In, Of, On

Please choose the correct preposition (in/of/on) for the sentences in this exercise.

Here is a reminder of some uses of these prepositions:

in - completely or partly enclosed by something
of - belonging to something or someone; contained in something
on - the basis for something

  1. All the students will work   a collaborative environment.
  2. They need to concentrate   their studies.
  3. They will be placed   a range of community settings.
  4. This degree appeals to students who are interested   working in the new fields and occupations created by digitisation
  5. The essay will be   a topic you have studied recently.
  6. These are the cultural processes   globalisation.
  7. Here is a simple analysis   algorithms.
  8. The researchers are reliant   external funding.
  9. This course provides the opportunity to focus   your major area of interest.
  10. You will study this   a social context.
  11. You will study the important causes   environmental change.
  12. This program offers a broad education in areas relevant to the study   human health.
  13. Evolutionary Biology involves the study   information contained in living plants and animals.