Exercise 2: About, For, To

Please choose the correct preposition (about/for/to) for the sentences in this exercise.

Here is a reminder of some uses of these prepositions:

about - around something or enclosing something
for - with a purpose or giving a reason
to - in a direction

  1. In addition to the formal contact time required   each course students will need to allocate non-contact time.
  2. The course encourages students to think critically   development.
  3. The relative proportion of contact and non-contact time may vary from course   course.
  4. The course aims to help people make sound choices   health.
  5. Graduates are well equipped   careers in environmental policy.
  6. Marine Biology is all   the largest and most diverse ecosystem on the planet - the sea.
  7. This academic program offers opportunities for studies that can lead   careers in the increasingly important field of international business.
  8. Students will learn   such key concepts as the scientific method.
  9. The degree is designed to build a student's capacity   lifelong learning beyond graduation.
  10. You will study issues related   individual adjustment and maladjustment.