Essay Brainstorming Mind Map Text Description

Below is a text description of the brainstorming mind map on the essay writing page.

  • Recognise limitations - can only cover 3-4 issues in a 1000 word essay.
  • Define chocolate.
  • What defines healthy food? AND Brief history of chocolate needed in intro
    • "Chocolate is a healthy food." Discuss.
      (need to examine from different perspective - benefits and drawbacks of chocolate)
      • Positive aspects of chocolate
        • Mental health, particularly mood
          • Mood is transient
        • Physical health - possible cardiovascular benefits
          • Need to explain
            • Reduced inflammation?
            • Lower blood pressure?
      • Negative aspects of chocolate
        • Food or drug?
        • Obesity issues
  • Chocolate not good for everything, but a pleasant indulgence in moderation.