Redrafting Your Essay Diagram Text Description

Below is a text description of the redrafting your essay diagram under redrafting your essay on the essay writing page.

Redrafting your essay

  • Essay content

    • Is the main point of each paragraph clear?
    • Does each point clearly relate to my thesis?
    • Have all my external sources been cited and referenced?
    • Have I included enough examples and citations?
    • Have I shown that I have read widely and used up-to-date external sources?
    • Is my conclusion logical from the evidence I present?
  • Style of language used

    • Do I always use appropriate academic language?
    • Is my voice clear and do I lead rather than follow?
    • Does my essay read well - is it coherent, cohesive and concise?
    • Have I checked for mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation?
    • Is my style appropriately objective and clear?
  • Purpose of essay

    • Have I answered the question properly?
    • Does it follow the prescribed guidelines in therms of length, style, referencing, etc.?
    • Is there a clear central argument?
    • Could I summarise my major position in a couple of sentences?
    • Has the essay achieved its purpose?
  • Organisation and structure

    • Have I defined key terms early on?
    • Do the introduction, main body and conclusion follow structural conventions?
    • Have I made clear links between the introduction and the conclusion?
    • Have I followed the 1 idea 1 paragraph rule and linked my paragraphs?
    • Are my paragraphs balanced in length and in argument?