Future Students

Our Future Students branch support the University in its strategic objectives on student recruitment and admissions by offering information, advice and support to students, schools, agents, industry and affiliate organisations within Australia and internationally.

  • Future Student Experience

    The Future Student Experience team works to assist all future students on their journey to the University, from initial awareness and consideration of our offerings, through to application and acceptance of an offer.

    What we can help you with

    • Advice about future student customer experience design
    • Data capture at events or via the website
    • Publishing of content to the Knowledge Base
    • Communications to prospective students via email and SMS
    • Segmentation and investigation of applicant data
    • Design and coordination of conversion activities including phone calls
    • Reporting on enquiry trends and volumes
    • Enquiry staff at major events including TSCEA, or Faculty-led recruitment events*
    • Campus tours for prospects*

    *Not a standard service, can only be done by request and when resources permit

    Key tools available for recruitment

    • RapidResponse (for use at events to send an instant customised email to the prospect)

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  • Domestic Recruitment

    The Domestic Student Recruitment team works with prospective students across Australia to provide information and support around the University of Adelaide’s world class programs and unique student experience.

    With extensive knowledge of industry and stakeholder markets, the team delivers a range of services to promote the University within targeted regions through engagement activities and information sharing.

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  • International Recruitment

    The International Recruitment team works with prospective international students, parents and agency partners to build the international profile of the University and support students to make informed decisions about their future.

    Possessing extensive in-depth market knowledge for a range of regions, the International Recruitment team partner with internal and external stakeholders to offer critical insights on the international education sector leading to positive recruitment outcomes.

    Agency partners

    Explore our agency partner website, a central place agents to access essential information about admissions, program updates, and marketing resources.

    Agency partners

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