Professor Mark Stephens

Professor Mark Stephens

University of Glasgow


Professor Stephens holds the Ian Mactaggart Chair in Land, Property and Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow. With a principal disciplinary background in economics, his research is cross and inter-disciplinary. Professor Stephens’ research focuses on the study of housing as a system, linked to the organisation of broader social and economic structures. Professor Stephens specialises in international comparative research.

Collaborative research project

In collaboration with University of Adelaide researchers, Professor Stephens will examine policies to support the supply of affordable housing and regulate private rented housing in Australia and the UK. Research findings will be used to inform policy development and capacity building including the development of the Australia-UK Housing Network. This project will focus on developing politically feasible policies and implementation strategies.

University of Adelaide host

Professor Emma Baker
School of Social Sciences
Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

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