Professor Anne Goriely

Professor Anne Goriely

University of Oxford


Professor Goriely is a molecular geneticist with broad expertise in human genetics, developmental neurobiology, and sequencing technologies. Professor Goriely’s work focuses on de novo mutations, which cause severe disease in approximately 1 in every 300 births. Professor Goriely has identified new disease mechanisms (“selfish” selection) and has developed novel methodologies for ultra-rare mutation detection, and an original strategy of tracking mutations directly in human sperm and/or testes.

Collaborative research project

Professor Goriely will work in collaboration with University of Adelaide researchers to better understand how and why mutations cause disease, with a focus on mosaicism. Tissue-specific mosaicism is often missed in routine clinical analysis, and this project aims to improve diagnostics and opportunities for early intervention through a clearer understanding of how different mechanisms contribute to genetic disorders.

University of Adelaide host

Professor Jozef Gecz
Adelaide Medical School
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

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