Professor Harald Giessen

Professor Harald Giessen

University of Stuttgart


Professor Giessen holds the Chair for Ultrafast Nanooptics in the Department of Physics at the University of Stuttgart. He is also co-chair of the Stuttgart Center of Photonics Engineering (SCoPE). His research interests include Ultrafast Nano-Optics, Plasmonics, Active, Switchable and Chiral Metamaterials, 3D Printed Micro- and Nano-Optics, Medical Micro-Optics, Miniature Endoscopy, Novel mid-IR Ultrafast Laser Sources, Applications in Microscopy, Biology, and Sensing. He has spun out three companies based on his research: NT&C (single particle spectroscopic microscopy), Stuttgart Instruments GmbH (Ultrabroadband tunable fs and ps laser sources from visible to mid-IR), and Printoptix GmbH (3D printed microoptics).

Collaborative research project

Professor Giessen will collaborate with University of Adelaide researchers to develop advance micro-endoscopes for medical imaging. This project envisages enabling a new level of research, with ultrahigh resolution and multimodal imaging applied to areas including cardiovascular, neurological, intestinal, and cerebrovascular settings. Prof Giessen will also explore applications of 3D printed micro-optics in coupling fibres for quantum technology and connecting single nanodiamonds to fibres and fibre Bragg gratings, through close collaboration with researchers at IPAS, University of Adelaide. 

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