Professor Chunsheng Wang

Professor Chunsheng Wang

University of Maryland


Professor Wang's research interests are electroanalytical technologies, advanced materials for rechargeable batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors.

He is a world-leading researcher on aqueous electrolytes and batteries, who has delivered scientific breakthroughs in the invention of water-in-salt electrolytes that enable high-voltage aqueous lithium-ion chemistries (Science, 2015), Zn-air batteries (Nature Materials, 2018; Science, 2021), high-energy cathode (Nature, 2019) and high-energy Li-metal batteries (Science, 2021; Nature, 2023), and has opened an entirely new area of aqueous electrochemistry and batteries.

Professor Wang has developed several novel electrodes and electrolytes to increase the energy density and safety of the rechargeable batteries.

Collaborative research project

This research collaboration aims to develop safe, low-cost and long-life aqueous batteries for grid-scale energy storage. The project is designed to provide a promising energy storage technology involving aqueous batteries, delivering significant scientific, economic, environmental, and broader benefits.

Professor Wang brings his expertise in optimizing aqueous, organic, and solid-state electrolytes, electrolytes under extreme conditions and cell configurations to the project.

University of Adelaide host

Professor Zaiping Guo
School of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

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