Communicating Science to Audiences Beyond Your Field

Have you ever found it challenging to present to an audience outside of your Science field?

Have you found it difficult to synthesise years of research into a short presentation that captures and maintains the audience’s attention?

Have you ever listened to a Science presentation outside of your field that was poorly executed?

If any of the above resonates, then this seminar is for you. Kerry Pienaar from Complete Communication Coach will address the above questions by providing you with approaches for how to prepare and present your presentations so that they are accessible, understandable, and engaging for a broad range of audiences. You will takeaway strategies that you can instantly implement on how to communicate your research with lay people as well as with scientists from different disciplines.


Kerry Pienaar, Complete Communication Coach:

Kerry Pienaar from Complete Communication Coach is an expert in her field of coaching public speaking and confident communication. She has empowered hundreds of people in South Australia, Victoria and Canberra through face-to-face and online one on one coaching and tailored group workshops.

Kerry’s credentials are multi-faceted. She is a multi-state contest winner who has won numerous awards for her own public presentations and for coaching others. She is an experienced English and Drama teacher and Director of theatre performances. She has coached TedxAdelaide speakers and has worked with participants of the Robotics RoboRoos; a STEM initiative and leadership programs such as ‘Girls Take Over Parliament’.

Dedicated to her craft, Kerry has been a member of Toastmasters International since 2013.


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