IPAS EMCRs win big in NHMRC Ideas Grants

NHMRC winners

It has been very inspirational to see brilliant IPAS early and mid-career researchers’ major success in the last round of NHMRC Ideas Grants where the success rate was below 10% nationally! One third of the successful applications from the University of Adelaide were led by IPAS members. With talented leadership and creative research, these emerging IPAS leaders and their senior colleagues are undertaking innovative research to solve various medical problems, from a drug-free intervention to improve health outcomes after surgery, to reliable detection of high-risk plaques to reduce heart disease complications, a smart dressing to detect infection and neovascularization in burns, non-invasive diagnosis of embryo health to improve IVF success and the identification of host-directed, resistance-proofed drugs to kill malaria parasites. Congratulations to all:

  • Katharina Richter, Roman Kostecki, Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem, Markus Trochsler, Roger Narayan - $999,581- Improving clinical outcomes of antimicrobial resistant infections with a drug-free intervention.
  • Jiawen Li, Johan Verjans, Robert McLaughlin  - $992,112 - Serial imaging of molecular and microstructural changes in atherosclerosis: tracking plaques towards destabilisation.
  • Dr Kylie Dunning (joint member with Robinson Institute) with international collaborators Kishan Dholakia and Ellen Anckaert  -  $1,266,777 - A new light on diagnosing embryo health -Development of a novel and non-invasive diagnostic to improve IVF success.
  • Dr Danny Wilson in collaboration with RMIT, Monash and International partners -  $989,043 - Host-directed therapy for malaria: host cell signalome as a target.
  • Led by RMIT: B. Gibson, R. McLaughlin, A. Khalid, S. Rea -  $899,877 - Next-generation smart wound dressings for real-time, non-invasive monitoring of infection and neovascularisation in burns.

NHMRC Funding Outcomes.

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