HILT CRC bid is shortlisted for round 2


The Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources (IMER) - Modern Energy Systems and the Centre for Energy Technology are delighted to announce that the Heavy Industry Low-carbon Transition (HILT) CRC bid has been successfully shortlisted for round 2 of the bid process.

“IMER is honoured to be leading the Heavy Industry Low-carbon Transition (HILT) CRC team on behalf of the University of Adelaide, one of only five bids shortlisted this round”, said IMER Director Professor Michael Goodsite.

Interim Chair of the HILT CRC bid Ms Susan Jeanes said that Australia is richly endowed with mineral and energy resources and has a strong industrial base and research capability.

“An outstanding, collaborative team has come together with globally acknowledged expertise through the proposed Heavy Industry Low-emissions Transition (HILT) CRC to build on this endowment so that Australia can become a world leader in producing and exporting low-carbon products, boosting our regional prosperity, increasing our job numbers and enhancing Australia’s self-sufficiency in the post-COVID-19 world”, said Ms Jeanes.

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