Geophysics is the application of physics to the Earth. There are many, widespread uses for geophysics, but the main reason is to get information about what we can’t see on the surface, by drilling or by any other method.

It also has the benefit of leaving things as we find them; geophysics techniques are low impact, with little to no disturbance to the rocks.


At the Mawson Geo Centre, we aim to improve techniques to measure and understand the physical Earth. Of particular focus is heat and heat transfer, and flow within the planet.



Electrical Earth Imaging Group

The EEI Group uses sophisticated survey methods, including 3D and 4D magnetotellurics, for crust and mantle imaging, deep resource exploration and fluid monitoring. It also runs the SA AusLAMP Project.  Contact Professor Graham Heinson for more information.


Global Heat Flow Database

We put together this database to house data and models relevant to thermal studies of the Earth. The website is designed to collect, share and query heat flow data from around the world.