Tectonics is the study of forces and how they change the Earth. It looks at how forces created by continent collisions, seduction zones and upwelling zones has deformed and moved around the planet.

A big focus for us is continental evolution; how the continents evolved and interacted with each other over the past 4.6 billion years. We also work to understand the crustal and lithospheric architecture of continents and oceans, the evolution of continental terranes and different orogens.


Continental Evolution Research Group (CERG)

CERG solves tectonic challenges by integrating geological, geochemical and geophysical sciences.  Contact Professor Martin Hand for more information.


Tectonic Geography

In this project, we map the ancient Earth. We look at how tectonic forces deform basins and create pathways for fluids and hydrocarbons to move through the Earth.

Stress, Structure and Seismic Group (S3)

In situ stress-related analyses are incredibly important to petroleum exploration and development in Australia. The S3 team of petroleum geoscientists and engineers are leading this field in Australia.