Research Tuesdays - Well May We Dwell

Research Tuesdays - Well May We Dwell

Australia’s housing has proven to be an invaluable public health asset during the pandemic. It’s enabled many of us to isolate, work and school our children in relative comfort, free from the risk of viral exposure. But that experience hasn’t been universal; and COVID-19’s ongoing impact continues to raise important questions regarding the future of housing in our country.

Could our dwellings be better designed to meet our increasing need for flexible spaces and energy efficiency? Could they better protect our physical and mental wellbeing? And how can we ensure property renters are no less supported than property owners?

At the University of Adelaide we’re leading significant national research into these, and many other related issues—social, economic and environmental—to help inform the Australian Government’s housing policy. In this timely presentation, we’ll tell you what we’ve learned.

Presenter - Professor Emma Baker

Professor Emma Baker leads the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Research. She is also Deputy Director of the National Health and Medical Research Council’s newly established Centre for Research Excellence in Healthy Housing, and coordinates the European Network for Housing Research Working Group on the Residential Context of Health.



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