3D Street Art

3D Street Art

To bring our world-class research to life, we've created some captivating 3D outdoor artwork in the heart of the city.

Located on North Terrace in the courtyard next to our iconic Bonython Hall, there are three incredible pieces to see and interact with. We invite you to experience them all and learn some of the wonderful ways we’re creating a better world.

Water and Marine 3D street art

Water and marine

Water is one of life’s fundamental building blocks. Our researchers are working to make the planet’s waterways, oceans and drinking water healthier and more sustainable. We’re creating a better world by monitoring marine life, like Australia's giant cuttlefish; re-establishing SA’s coastal oyster reefs; informing better management of the Murray River; managing our water sources; and more.

Sustainable Food

Sustainable food

Nine billion people is a lot of mouths to feed. So with our planet’s population predicted to reach that figure by 2050, we’re working closely with the food industry to find innovative ways to ‘keep the pantry full’—from production to processing and distribution . We’re creating a better world by better supporting our native bees and other pollinators; speed-breeding climate-resilient crops; nutritionally enhancing foods; and more.

Space 3D street art


At Adelaide, the final frontier is very close indeed. We’re taking on a world-leading role on multiple space-research fronts. We’re leading efforts to make long-term space exploration viable; developing situational awareness technology to help space vehicles avoid collisions; co-creating smaller and more efficient data-gathering satellites; and more.

3D Art produced by Anton Pulvirenti, via Zest Events International