Driving the next wave of innovation in the agrifood and wine sectors.

Food production and processing is going through its biggest transformation since the industrial revolution.

New technologies and innovations that exploit robotics, machine learning, computer vision, sensor and genomic technologies, supply chain analysis and customer behavioural understanding are further improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of food production, processing and distribution.

At the same time the global gap between demand and supply of food and resources, the impact of food production on the environment, the demand for higher quality and traceability of food in the global marketplace, and the relationship between food and human health and dietary disease, are all emerging megatrends of the 21st Century.

The University of Adelaide, through its research and education, is well placed as a leader to drive the next wave of innovation and training required by the agrifood and wine sectors to meet these challenges.

Key research areas

We have internationally recognised research strengths in agricultural science, in particular plant and animal genetics and management, as well as in understanding food value chains and consumer behaviour

Featured projects

Our research is addressing social, environmental and economic megatrends that will have a major impact on global food production and supply over the coming decades

Agrifood and Wine internships

Get a head start on your future graduate recruitment and support the development of the future workforce by hosting an intern from the University of Adelaide

Industry partnerships

The University of Adelaide is working closely with key food industry groups to bridge the gap between new innovation developed by our experts and the take up of new practices by food producers

International collaborations

The University has formed a range of international partnerships to assist governments and private organisations to respond to the challenges of feeding a greater population

Education and training

Our degrees and courses prepare current and future leaders in food, wine and agriculture to tackle the challenges of our time