At the University of Adelaide, we have researchers across five faculties working to innovate across the cycle of agrifood and wine production, processing and distribution, including:

  • researchers working in crop and animal production, developing new kinds of healthy grains and pulses and new breeds of livestock;
  • economists performing economic and supply chain analysis;
  • wine researchers that cover the entire spectrum from grape to glass, including wine business and marketing;
  • engineers focusing on processing and production improvements;
  • health scientists working on improved nutrition and functional and healthier foods; and
  • researchers in arts and social sciences looking at food appreciation, food labelling and the perception of genetically modified foods.

Our academic staff work closely with food and wine producers and industry to make sure their innovations are ready for application and commercialisation.

Professor Matthew Gilliham

Meet the Director

Professor Matthew Gilliham is the Director of the Waite Research Institute and the lead academic coordinator for the Agrifood and Wine Industry Engagement Priority.

As leader of this Industry Engagement Priority area for the University, Professor Gilliham’s role is to stimulate and support new research initiatives across the spectrum of agricultural research, from policy and economics to animal, soil and crop sciences.