Featured Projects

The University of Adelaide is working to develop solutions to the major social, environmental and economic megatrends that will have an impact on food production and supply, at local and global scales, over the coming decades, including: 

  • A growing population
  • Changing consumers
  • Health challenges
  • Transformative technologies
  • Globalisation
  • Climate

Read our featured stories to see how our research is working with industry to address these trends.

More projects

Farmer to pharma? Creating new products from agricultural waste

Our researchers are supporting South Australia’s primary producers by turning their waste into high-value products, potentially worth over $100m per annum.

A little water can go a long way when battling heatwaves

It appears that how you use water is more important than how much you use when trying to protect vines from the impact of heatwaves.

Wild yeasts may hold key to better wines from warmer climates

Our researchers have found yeasts that naturally occur on wine grapes may improve wines produced in warmer climates.

Cover crops – get it right, and reap the benefits

The correct type of cover crop does not adversely affect vine yield and performance, a current research project has found. 

Crying over plant-based milk: neither science nor history favours a dairy monopoly

Plant-based liquids have been called milk for centuries.

Protecting crops by preserving their pollinators

A worrying global decline threatening food security.

GM crops: to ban or not to ban? That’s not the question

A government-commissioned report estimated that South Australia’s ban on genetically modified crops cost canola growers A$33 million since 2004.

Finding food security in a changing climate

Our research has led to new sophisticated technology that is increasing crop yields in difficult environmental conditions caused by climate change.

Making wine in a warmer world

South Australian winemakers are looking to Europe as the climate—and what drinkers want—is changing.

Drought-tolerant grape vines tested for Australian conditions

Increasing temperatures and frequency of heat waves are affecting vine harvests and our researchers are investigating potential solutions.