International Collaborations

As the global population heads towards 9 billion by 2050, food demand will increase by 60-70 per cent.

Key research areas

The University has formed a range of international partnerships to assist governments and private organisations to respond to the challenges of feeding a greater population and responding to global forces including: population growth, climate change, dynamic international trade policies, changing consumer demand, and economic development in emerging economies and the impact on food, water and resource security.

Centre for Global Food and Resources

The Centre for Global Food and Resources works closely with industry, scientists and governments in over 12 countries on interdisciplinary research which addresses economic, policy, agribusiness and social issues affecting global food systems.

Functional food research

A range of new agricultural and food production research and training partnerships are being developed in China through the Shanxi provincial government and industries. The key focus of these partnerships include: developing improved cattle breeding programs, developing and improving new functional food plants, and optimising production and processing landscapes to provide improved sustainability and industry growth potential.