Key Research Areas

We have internationally recogised research strengths in agricultural science, in particular plant and animal genetics and management, as well as in understanding food value chains and consumer behaviour.

Our key focus areas are:

Healthy grains and functional foods

The University of Adelaide has a long history and substantial expertise in grain and pulse genomics, breeding and production, nutrition and market understanding

Livestock health and production

We have international leaders who explore broad areas of research including animal behaviour, biology, population health, infectious diseases, reproduction, livestock and equine health

Native foods and bioactives

We are exploring opportunities for diversification in Australian food manufacturing offered by the flavours, colours and active ingredients of South Australia’s unique and endemic plant species

Wine and food science and technology

Industry partnerships ensures our research generates high-value outcomes for the primary industries, food and wine sectors

Traceability, provenance and safety

We are developing new DNA, chemical and bio-markers to build and reinforce market confidence in Australian products

Transformation of food waste

We are developing new biochemical and chemical engineering technologies to produce new high value products from food waste streams, including nutraceuticals, cosmetics and fuels

Ag, hort and food tech

We have machine learning, robotics and image analysis expertise to develop solutions to improve agrifood and wine production and processing

Sustainable production landscapes

We are developing model systems for national and international food production and processing landscapes that maximise production, resource use, and harness ecosystem services

Market development, access and policy

We have internationally recognised expertise in understanding food value chains and consumer behaviour