Industry Engagement Priorities

As outlined in the ‘Research that Shapes the Future’ Pillar Plan, the Industry Engagement Priorities (IEPs) act as a conduit to industry, connecting compelling external opportunities with outstanding internal capability, and addressing major societal and technological challenges.

Complementing the University’s fundamental research excellence, and as part of the intellectual ecosystem of the University the IEPs are designed to deepen our relationships with industry, and broaden the skills of our staff and students as they seek to develop, and join, tomorrow’s workforce.

The IEPs are supported by an identified academic coordinator and an Industry Advisory Board. Our five IEP academic coordinator are:

The IEPs are a vehicle for listening to industry needs, developing major research collaborations with industry, and providing educational offerings suited to future workforce needs.

The five Industry Engagement Priorities are:

Defence, cyber & space

Defence, Cyber and Space

Our world-class researchers develop innovative technologies that give the Australian Defence Force a real edge.

Defence website Cyber website

Mineral & Energy Resources

Energy, Mining and Resources

We possess a specialist cluster of expertise across geosciences, petroleum and mining engineering.

Contact: Professor Michael Goodsite

A world-first in language reclamation

Creativity and Culture

Through our research in the written and spoken word; music and visual art; and new communication technologies, we set out to make the world a better, more enriching place.

Contact: Professor Graeme Koehne

National health & medical research council (NHMRC)

Health and Medical Industries

Our research expertise in health and medicine encompasses a broad spectrum of research interests, from laboratory-based biochemical research to clinical research and the study of broader populations.

Contact: Professor Paula Moynihan

Agriculture Food & Wine

Agrifood and Wine

Through research and education, we’re leading thought for food to drive the next wave of innovation for the food sector.

Agrifood and wine website

Intellectual ecosystem of the University

Intellectual Ecosystem of the University

Download the intellectual ecosystem.